Club Members

About now you may be asking yourself, “who the hell are these people!?”

We’re so glad you asked! We hope you come to think of us as perverts friends (although, not the kind of friends you may brag about having at parties). So, pull up a chair and get to know your fellow club members just a little bit better.


Senpai of all senpai. You know him. He might know you. But he’ll never notice, no matter how hard you try.



The wizard of “Wait, what?” A man NEET who will make you laugh, even though he won’t know why.


The czar of source material. He’s seen it. He’s read it. He’s played it. He keeps lolis in his basement.


The emperor of explosions, and a man of refined taste. He can always… seal the deal.


The chivalry of shotas. He’s always on the hunt for bishies, and forever trying to meet that shota quota. Also, he likes horses.



The titan of Tim Tams, from an allegedly fictional place called Australia. Sometimes the wallabies take away his Internet connection.